4 Ways to Determine the Best Outdoor Storage Shed For You

These days, it seems that space is at a premium.

No matter how large or how small your house, you’ve probably wished that you had just a little more space to store some of your large and bulky items.

Outdoor storage sheds can be a great way to free up space so that you can use your garage to park your cars rather than store your tools, or to empty out your basement and create extra living space. However, when it comes to sheds, there are almost limitless possibilities, and it can be overwhelming to know where to begin.

In order to determine the best outdoor storage shed for your home, take these four things into consideration before making a choice:

One: How Much Space Do You Need?

In order to determine the best outdoor storage shed, you must consider the amount of space you will need to store your items and how much outdoor space you have available for the building itself.

A shed that will be used to house tools and lawn and garden equipment can probably be a smaller size than a shed that will double as a workshop or that will house a riding mower and other heavy equipment.

Take an inventory of every item that you wish to store in your new shed. In some cases it can help to gather them in one place, like the backyard or the garage (if there is room). From there you can make accurate assessments of space requirements.

Two: How Often Will You Need to Access Your Items?

If your shed will house items that see frequent use such as bicycles, lawn mowers, or motorcycles, you will need to add on extra space. You don’t want to have to remove boxes and tools each time your daughter wants to ride her bike to a friend’s house.

Most times, homeowners use their sheds to store items that they rarely use as well as items that get frequent use. This is where a loft can come in quite handy. Items that need long-term storage can be placed in the loft, leaving plenty of room to move things in and out on the floor below.

Three: Know Your Local Building Rules and Regulations

Before you spend the money on a new shed, it will be important to check out your local building codes, zoning ordinances, and any homeowner’s association restrictions that could prevent you from selecting the shed of your choice.

In many cases, a building permit will be required in order to construct a shed on your property. Contact your local municipality to get a copy of their permit requirements, and be sure to follow them to the letter in order to avoid future fines.

In some towns, the process is quite simple, and in others, you’ll have to jump through lots of hoops. Just be sure you know all of the rules before ordering a shed kit.

Four: How Much Time Do You Have for Construction?

Constructing a shed, even from a shed kit, can be a process. If you’ve never done it before, you should be aware that sheds must be built on level foundations, which may require you to work with an outside contractor. Sheds also require flooring, and some kits do not come with the floors. You’ll need to assess all of this before selecting a kit.

Assembling a shed is also a minimum two-person job, and the project should be handled with the buddy system to ensure safety. Getting a friend or relative to help construct storage shed could also drag out the construction process, since you’ll need your schedules to match up. In order to determine the best outdoor storage shed for your needs, you should always consider the construction process and your available resources before making a commitment.

Sheds can be an attractive solution to tuck away some of your biggest and most-used tools and outdoor items. Take the time to consider your unique needs so that you can choose the best outdoor storage for your home.

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