The Advantages of Wood Outdoor Storage Sheds

Outdoor storage sheds are an easy and attractive way to instantly add storage space to your home. Sheds come in a variety of materials, and it can be difficult to make a decision on which type of shed is best for your needs.

Wood outdoor storage sheds are the most traditional type of shed, and wood offers many advantages over other types of material including metal, resin, and vinyl. Let’s examine some of the benefits of wood sheds.

The Customization of Wood Outdoor Storage Sheds

Wood sheds are the most customizable type of outdoor shed. They can be customized to create the precise size and shape that match your distinct needs and taste, and they are often available in larger sizes than sheds built out of other materials. Just about any type of wood can be used to create a shed, so if you have a partiality to one type of material, odds are, you can find a shed to match.

Wood sheds can be painted any color, which allows you to match your shed to your home. You can select the exact paint color you require, and you can also paint the trim to match the home, as well.

Wood outdoor storage sheds also be spruced up with cupolas or flower boxes for added aesthetic value, and the roof shingles can be matched up to those on the original home, as well. Inside, owners can add custom shelving units and cabinets to design the precise storage layout required to maximize the space.

The wood can also be treated inside, and even painted to create an attractive look and protect against dirt, dust, weather, and other damage. Owners can also customize the placement of windows and doors in their wooden sheds, to maximize space, mimic the look of the home, or provide the right lighting for a workroom.

The Durability of Wood Storage Sheds

Homeowners investigating wood sheds may find that friends, family, and vendors may try to dissuade them from wood sheds. These people may say that wood sheds are the most difficult to maintain, citing their vulnerability to moisture and pests, and some may conclude that metal sheds are much stronger than wood. However, with the proper construction and care, wood sheds can actually last much longer than those constructed from other materials.

Wood sheds can be erected in any type of environment. If your hometown sees a lot of snow throughout the year, if you experience periods of high winds, or if flooding is a concern, wood is often the best choice, especially when owners take the time and care to properly treat the shed to protect it against the elements. Other materials don’t stand up nearly as well over time. Metal can rust, dent and bend, and vinyl can crack or rip apart.

Are Wood Sheds Really More Expensive?

It is true that the initial cost of a wood shed is often higher than other materials, but owners must consider the benefits of the material in order to get a sense of total value. If a metal shed becomes severely damaged due to rust or dents, it is likely that the entire structure will need to be replaced—or you will be forced to look at an ugly shed as long as you live in your home. Selling your home can become a problem if you have a dilapidated shed in your back yard.

This can mean you either have to replace the shed or rip it down entirely. When wood sheds are properly constructed and treated, they really only need fresh paint to get them looking like new again. They are far more attractive and durable in the long run, so owners should consider the total cost of ownership before selecting a material for their sheds.

Though they provide lots of benefits, wood outdoor storage sheds are not necessarily the best choice for every homeowner. However, if you are looking for a material that is durable, customizable, and provides the best long-term value, a wood outdoor storage shed is your best option.

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