Shed kit and accessories delivery process

Best Barns and Sentry Buildings delivery Process

Once your shed kit and accessories are completed and have been shipped, we will send out an e-mail notification to you. This e-mail will contain who the carrier is and the tracking number. The carrier will contact you when your order has reached the destination terminal to set up a delivery appointment to your location. This appointment must be made before the driver can deliver your kit.  Please remember that these kits are large and we recommend that you have at least one other person there at the time of delivery to assist you and the driver. The driver will have a lift gate and pallet jack to unload the kit. The driver is responsible for getting your kit to the end of your driveway only. It will be your responsibility to move it to your desired location.

Depending on which kit and accessories you purchased, there may be 2 separate deliveries of material (Example: flooring) These deliveries may not occur on the same day. Orders that have a 2nd delivery, will be delivered by a local home centers. Unlike the common carrier delivery the home center will not call for an appointment.

Before signing for the delivery, check for signs of damage on the outside. If you suspect damage on the inside, sign the delivery receipt “damage until further inspection”.  Should damage be discovered, please call Best Barns or Sentry Buildings immediately for obtaining replacements. If the kit is severely damaged, you can refuse delivery.

If any questions or issues arise from the delivery process, please call Best Barns 800-245-1577. We will investigate the issue.

Cupola and vinyl shed delivery process

Once your Cupola or vinyl shed have been shipped, we will send out an e-mail to you with the tracking number. These products will be shipped out via UPS.

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