How to Build a Storage Shed for Your Home

After extensive research and shopping, you’ve determined that a DIY shed kit is the perfect solution for your storage needs. The price is right, and you’re confident in your ability to construct the building on your property. All you need to know now is just how to build a storage shed. Before you embark on your project, take the following under consideration:

Research Local Rules and Regulations

Before you purchase a shed, check with local permit offices to be sure that you are able to build an outdoor structure on your property. In some cases you will need to secure a permit before you begin construction. It is also important to check your homeowners’ association rules before building a shed.

Lay the Foundation First

Sheds require a solid, level foundation. In order to achieve that solid and level foundation, homeowners must take the soil and slope grade under consideration. On unlevel ground, excavation may be required or support pillars may be necessary. Homeowners that are not familiar with foundation work should work with a contractor to complete this essential step.

Enlist Some Help

Even if you are confident in your construction knowledge and you’ve read all you can about how to build a storage shed, these are not a single-person projects. For safety reasons, building a shed requires two or three people. Always enlist the help of a friend, relative, spouse, or teenage children.

Carve Out the Time

DIY shed projects can take anywhere from one to four days to complete, depending upon the size, style, and materials of the shed. Once the foundation has been completed, vinyl sheds can often be finished in one full working day. Wood sheds may take a bit longer. One long weekend should be enough time for a team of two or three to complete the project. Always carve out more time than you think you’ll need, as it may take you a few hours to warm up to the process of how to build a storage shed.

Gather the Right Tools

Shed kits require basic tools like hammers, drills, levels, ladders, gloves, and safety googles. Read all of the manufacturer’s instructions and suggestions ahead of time to be sure you possess all of the tools you will need to successfully complete the project.

It is important to do advanced research and planning on how to build a storage shed before you make a purchase or begin the work. Shed kits are not difficult to construct, but advanced planning will always make the process significantly easier.