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How to Discover What Size Shed You Need for Your Home

Determining that you need to expand your storage capacity with an outdoor shed is easy. Determining what size shed to buy, on the other hand, can be a challenge for many homeowners.

If you choose a shed that’s too small, you’re likely to outgrow it in no time flat. If you choose a shed that is too large, it may overpower (or perhaps not even fit in) your yard. If you are considering adding an outdoor storage shed to your property, follow this guide to help you choose the right size.

Assess Your Property

The first step in your journey to understanding what size shed to buy is to assess the space you have available on your property. If you own acres and acres of land, space isn’t likely to be an issue. On the other hand, if you have a small, suburban backyard, space is likely a consideration. Be realistic about your use of space, and always look up local ordinances and your homeowners’ association rules before purchasing a shed of any size.

Inventory the Items You Want to Store

As a general rule, homeowners underestimate the amount of space they need in an outdoor shed. You will need to determine just what you wish to store in the shed before selecting a size. Will it be lawn and garden equipment, household items, or a mix of both? Will there be seasonal changes in the items stored in the shed? Be realistic when inventorying the items, and when in doubt, err on the side of over-estimating. It’s easy to grow into a shed, but if you purchase a shed that is too small, you’ve got far fewer options down the line.

Calculate the Size Shed You Need

Once you’ve got your items inventoried, you can calculate the square footage each item will require using this chart:

Item Length (ft) Width (ft) Height (ft) Sq. ft. placed on floor or wall Cubic ft.
ATV 6 4 3.5 24.0 84.0
Ladder 6 ft. 6 2.5 0.5 15.0 7.5
Ladder 8 ft. 8 2.5 0.5 20.0 10.0
Motorbike 6 3 3.5 18.0 63.0
Patio furniture 2.5 2 3 5.0 15.0
Pick-up Truck 18 8 5.5 144.0 792.0
Push lawn mower 4.5 1.8 3 8.1 24.3
Riding lawn mower 6 3 3 18.0 54.0
Sedan car 10 6 3.5 60.0 210.0
Shelving 4 1.5 5 6.0 30.0
Trailer 11.3 6.3 2.5 71.2 178.0
Wheelbarrow 4.1 2.3 2.5 9.4 23.6
Work bench 5 2 3.5 10.0 35.0

As you calculate your space, remember that you must consider your ability to get items in and out of the shed. That means having enough wall space and room to move.

When determining what size shed you need for your home, always take your time. Putting in the legwork to make the calculations will save you a lot of headaches and potentially a lot of money should you outgrow your shed too quickly.

Need Help Choosing the Right Size Shed?

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