Places to Find Free Shed Plans

If you’ve ever shopped for a pre-build shed, you know that your options are limited. You must accept the building as-is, and your ability to customize a solution is virtually nonexistent.

A shed is a critical structure for a home – not only does it provide necessary storage or work space, but it should also look as though it belongs on the property. Building your own shed instantly opens the door to an endless world of aesthetic and functional possibilities, and can save you a significant amount of money. For those homeowners who want to build a shed that truly meets all of their needs, free shed plans are available online.

Free Shed Plans on Pinterest

The popular social media platform Pinterest has quickly become a go-to resource for DIY projects of all types. While Pinterest has long been a popular “wish list” building site and arts and crafts platform, more and more users are turning to Pinterest to plan and budget their home DIY projects.

Building a shed from scratch can be overwhelming if you’re tossing around several ideas, or if you don’t have any real idea of what you want at all. Pinterest can help you narrow your vision and choose shed features that will meet your needs. Simply log in to Pinterest and type “free shed plans” or “outdoor shed plans” and you’ll instantly receive tons of pictures of sheds and setups. From there you can refine your search by style and type to help narrow the results. When you see a shed plan you like, you simply pin it to your own board to refer to later.

Free Shed Plans and Articles from Popular Mechanics

When it comes to finding free shed plans, social media isn’t the only option. Old standbys and favorites like Popular Mechanics are still valuable resources for the DIY-inclined. Over the years they have published features like:

Users can simply type “shed plans” into the search bar on any page of the Popular Mechanics website to find articles on building a shed. Articles range from beginner to advanced, and they often provide links to other valuable shed building resources.

DIY Shed Kits Online

There are lots of places to find free shed plans online, but they are only worthwhile if you are able to read and understand them. Typically, these plans are designed for experienced builders and can be extremely difficult for beginners to understand. It is also important to note that many free shed plans found online are actually incomplete and may only provide the last few pages of the guide.

If you’re truly building a DIY shed from scratch, you’ve got to be familiar with woodworking and construction. Terms like face-nail and gable overhang shouldn’t sound foreign to you. If you are not completely confident in your ability to construct a shed from scratch, a DIY shed kit is probably more your speed.

Shed kits come complete with every piece required for the construction of the building – minus the floor. The building plans are available to download online so you can assess your skill versus the skills needed to assemble your desired building. Most handy homeowners with basic construction skills and a few friends can handle building a DIY shed kit in a single weekend.

DIY shed kits are a great option for people looking for a customizable storage solution. If you’ve determined a shed kit is the right solution for your home, the experts at The ShedKitStore can work with you to choose a building that will meet your needs and your budget. Visit our DIY free shed plans online or contact our team at 1-800-245-1577 to get started today.

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