Launches Website Redesign

The team at just launched a major website redesign focused on improving the user experience for all visitors. The new redesign improves three major areas of the website:

1. Better Educational Resources

Purchasing a shed kit is a big decision. This decision impacts the look appeal of your property, the functionality and utilization of your space, and the value of your home.

There are a lot of important variables to consider, and we’ve added resources to help you make the best decision for your unique situation.

2. Optimized Mobile Browsing Experience

An increasing number of our visitors are using their iPads, iPhones, tablets, and mobile devices to browse Shed Kit Store. We’ve now optimized our website so that no matter what device you’re using, you’ll be able to find the information you need easily and quickly. No more pinch and zoom!

3. Faster Website Experience

You’ve got a lot of things on your plate, and you don’t have time to wait for our site to load. We’ve invested in cutting edge technology to power our site faster than ever before. Even with all the great content, pictures, and functionality, the Shed Kit Store website still loads in the top 5% of all websites.

Why are we investing in educational resources, responsive design, and lightning-fast functionality? Because we care about you and your unique experience on our website.

If you have questions or feedback on the new website, leave a comment below or get in touch!