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Why You Should Consider a DIY Shed Kit

When it comes to storage space, there is one constant in American homes: there just never seems to be enough.

As time passes and families grow, “stuff” accumulates quickly, overtaking basements, attics, garages and spare bedrooms. Outdoor sheds are an attractive way to instantly add more storage and free up valuable space in the home.

Sheds should be sturdy, functional and attractive, and homeowners can become quickly overwhelmed by all of the options available to them. One of the best ways to get everything you need out an outdoor storage building is to choose a DIY shed kit.

The Benefits of a DIY Shed Kit

Building a shed may seem like an overwhelming prospect, but DIY shed kits are simple to install and provide a host of benefits over pre-built and from-scratch sheds, including:

  • Versatility – If a home is in an area that makes delivery of a pre-built shed difficult or even impossible, DIY shed kits are a versatile alternative as they arrive at your home in flat boxes.
  • Cosmetic and functional variety – When it comes to pre-built sheds, options are limited. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to like the size of one shed, the design of a second, and the color of a third, only to discover their ideal elements can’t be combined into one building. DIY shed kits, on the other hand, come in an almost endless combination of sizes, styles, and colors, and many have customizable options to help homeowners meet their aesthetic and functional preferences.
  • All materials are included – DIY shed kits come with every screw, bracket, and support required for construction and all of the building materials are pre-cut. There is no need to break out heavy equipment or make extra trips to the home improvement store in the middle of the project. The building can be constructed with tools that you’ll find in any average tool box.
  • No master carpenter requirements – Building a shed from scratch requires extensive construction knowledge. Building a DIY shed kit requires only tools and the ability to follow detailed directions. Once a foundation is set, most homeowners can complete their building in the span of one weekend.
  • Cost savings – DIY shed kits are less expensive than pre-built sheds of the same quality and materials. They are also less expensive than hiring and paying for the time of an architect and building contractor.
  • Creates a bonding experience – Shed kits are not a single-person project, which provides the opportunity spend quality time with a friend, relative, spouse, or teenage children. The experience can create great memories and will give everyone a sense of satisfaction when the job is complete.
  • Help is only a phone call away – DIY shed kits come with customer support. If something goes wrong, a direction seems confusing, or you’ve misplaced a piece, one call to customer service can instantly get the process back on track.

DIY shed kits are a great option for people looking for a customizable storage solution that is aesthetically pleasing. If you’ve determined a shed kit is the right solution for your home, the experts at The Shed Kit Store can work with you to choose a building that will meet your needs. Browse our DIY shed kits online or contact our team at 1-800-245-1577 to get started today.

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