Looking for a storage shed kit? Unsure you really need one?

There are a wide variety of shed kits available today for use as a storage shed or small barn or even a cabin but no matter what your intended use is there are several considerations prior to spending your hard earned money. A shed kit can be made of wood, metal or vinyl and all share the same basic design, 4 walls and a roof. Most often a storage shed kit made of wood offers you the most flexible design, variety of sizes and long lasting durability. Metal sheds provide a good solution for the homeowner who needs storage at an economical price. Vinyl ( or resin ) sheds offers great durability and ease of construction but are limited in style and size. Read further to see if a storage shed kit is what you need.

Why do you need a storage shed kit?

  1. Having a storage shed can help provide a way to give you more space in your home. We all have clutter or less frequently used items in our house that we just don’t have a good place to store inside the home. A storage shed kit can help get your stuff organized and reclaim your home once again.
  2. Just look at your garage! Is there a car in there or is it filled with boxes, xmas tree, kids bikes, tools, lawn mower, etc. You get the idea. The space in your garage is a good indication of just how big a shed kit you will need to build. Some storage shed kits even have loft areas so you can hold more in a smaller area.
  3. So you’re organized in the house or garage? Perhaps you need a place for your lawn and garden equipment. A storage shed kit can be a great place to store tools, fertilizer, lawn care items and more.
  4. Some storage sheds can make an excellent way of housing your pets/livestock. A wood shed is perfect for this purpose if you need shelter for smaller animals. Choose one with a loft and you can store your feed and grooming tools.

DIY shed kits vs pre-built

Once you’ve decided you need a storage shed now you need to determine if you will put it together yourself or have one pre-built or built for you on your property. This is a decision that is based on your price-range, ability and time. Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples with regard to the finished shed. What kind of lumber is used? What is the stud spacing and are wall sections toe-nailed ( no double studs where wall sections meet ). Shingles included or not? Does it come with or without a floor? There are a lot of questions before purchasing an outdoor storage shed and you should make sure you get the answers to them.
A DIY storage shed kit can provide a significant advantage over pre-built sheds if your primary goal is to save money and still have a professional constructed kit. With pre-cut components and step by step instructions along with the ability to read a tape measure, use a level and have standard tools like a hammer and drill a DIY kit can make the construction process efficient and enjoyable.
If you don’t have the time, desire or ability then pre-built is the way to go.

Outdoor Storage Shed Kit

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