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Very Fun Project

As promised here are some photos of my project. I still need to add the decorative brackets, the shutters and add a small deck in front of the building and ramp. I will send a final photo or two in a few weeks when all of that is done. For now, my body needs a rest! Thanks, it was a fun project and I am looking forward to moving my garden equipment in it real soon.

Northwood Storage Shed
Youngsville, LA

Best service ever


Everything was fantastic. The ordering, the receiving on date as scheduled. Anything we had an issue with, that was small and about 2 issues, was taken care of within 24 hrs. John, specifically, was very responsive and was my go to person. We are now waiting for roofers to come and we’ll probably not total finish til Oct.

Ravena 16x32
Geraldine Baldwin

Best Barn Wood Shed

Nice, sturdy shed installed on concrete pad. Easy install but some carpentry skills needed. Picked up some extra 2×4’s to build 16″ o.c. Loft space an extra bonus for extra storage. Still deciding on installing side windows

Belmont Shed

Great kit Excellent support

Excellent kit and the support provided by John was excellent

Delivery of kit was flawless and timely. I would recommend this kit to anyone

Revanna 32 x 16ft barn
Clifton Akers

Excellent Value

Mission accomplished – we purchased a shed kit from you guys July 21 — arrived about 9 days later. Between work, vacation, etc…. we just finished it.
I would give you guys a 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Suggestions to improve the product:
there was no step 3 in the instructions; – Webmasters note: ( corrected typo )
my kit had 4 boxes of 7D nails and one box of 10D — I think it should have been 2 each (I had to buy a box of 10D nails — $10.00 for 5 pounds) — when the shed was finished, I had one box of 7D left over — no big deal — always nice to have nails on hand.
add instructions for windows — mine had none — none in the window box as well; and
throw in two tubes of silicon to seal small cracks.
I have already had three neighbors request your website — I gave it to them gladly.
I am in law enforcement and we have four kids. We budgeted $3K for a shed — figured it would be fun experience for the family — and it was. I checked into Lowe’s and Home Depot — pricing for similar sheds were around $3800.00. With the kit, flooring, paint, etc… we spent right at $2850.00 — excellent value. The kit arrived within advised time period — the delivery man from Home Depot was skeptical — made us a bit nervous. Nevertheless, we were not dismayed. I am good at following directions — directions and pictures were excellent. I am not a carpenter and the shed was fairly easy to install with three people (myself, 18 year old son, and 10 year old son). End product looks excellent! Very satisfied customer.

Northwood Shed Kit

Purchased shed , pics included

The shed was fairly easy, I only called once. I thought I need more rafters but they were in another box. The rafters in this box for some reason were sized different than the other ones.
Other than that everything was fine. Customer service was extremely friendly. 😁

Greenbriar 12 X 20
James Donelli

A big thanks

The Dover Barn is great. Whole neighborhood loves it. Just want to thank John for getting anything, that needed replacement, for me.
I am set so far and have the feeling, should anything else need attention, this Co will be there for me.
Thanks again and merry Christmas !!!!!!

Missed and broken parts
Hildegund Suzuki


This was a good purchase. The instructions were adequate and the material came out in good condition. The only odd thing is that some of the roof sheathing was pre-cut and some was not. Also, even with thinking through all of the sheathing cuts, I still had to purchase 1 more piece from the local hardware store. Not the end of the world. Overall, I am happy with the purchase and am excited to start using.

Dover 12x24

I think it turned out

I think it turned out great! Got the extra window yesterday and will install it tomorrow along with some pull down stairs for the lofts. It’s been great working with you on this project. I will recommend your company to the many admirers of my building.

Tahoe Applegate

A very satisfied customer

After researching what would best suit my needs, I settled on the Ravenna 32 x 16 building. I decided however that I wanted the barn doors on the side, not in the front, and that I’d rather have a regular mandoor in the front. The customization was fairly simple and only required that I purchase a standard door on my own. I work in I.T. and generally tell folks that a product is only as good as the support you receive. This product is great because the customer support was very responsive, patient, and helpful. I probably called them 7 or 8 times during the construction of this building, but each time I received the help that I needed. I was able to construct this building 90% on my own. I did need help with erecting the walls, and gables. I imagine with some help this project could have been completed earlier. It took me 2 1/2 months to finish, but all in all, I’m very pleased with the results.

Ravenna 16 x 32
Phillip Smith

Good alternative to the 9K shed

Good DIY project. Everything cut to length, except the floor. Keep it square and goes up quickly. Only thing I might suggest is for a thicker material for the roof.(an add on option?). 1/2” ok but with the NH snow loads might begin to bend.. time will tell. Overall, happy camper.

10 x 14 with floor kit
Michael Sullivan

Bringing Sheds to Canada with Ease

I would strongly recommend your company to anyone looking for a shed. With your guidance, bringing the shed into Canada turned out to be no problem at all. I am impressed with quality of materials and design of the shed and I estimate that it took about 100 man-hours (for three of us) to construct the kit including all roofing and painting.

Cambridge Kit
Windsor, Ontario

Would recommend to anyone

We debated whether to build our shed from scratch or a kit and decided to take a chance on your Cambridge shed kit as we absolutely loved the look. We ordered our kit from you on May 31, 2011 and our shed was totally up by mid June. We are so happy with our new shed and have had many compliments on how nice it looks. Thank you so much for your impressive product! We would recommend your kits to anyone!

Cambridge Kit
Dan & Lauret

Review pending results

At this time I am not very happy with best barn. Communication seems to be a problem on their part. I’m missing pieces and it’s been over 2 weeks and I have not received any response from the company. I paid a lot of money for this shed kit and I shouldn’t have to go purchase sheathing and trim to complete the job. Nor should I have to use a 18″ pipe wrench to twist the lumber straight enough to nail it together.

-We are sorry to hear about your frustrations. We do not see any emails from the two contacts we have on file so were unaware of your issues until moderating this review. Please give us a call directly at 800-245-1577.

Best Barns
Customer Service

New Castle
Harold Perkinson

Very Pleasurable Experience

I recently purchased ‘The Brandon’ 12 x 16 shed (this is a precut kit) The instructions are very easy to follow. The support is excellent. Dollar value—I couldn’t purchase the quality material in this kit locally, have it delivered, lay it out, cut it and assemble it. For what it cost, Reynolds Building Systems turned a hard project into a very pleasurable experience

The Brandon 12 x 16 shed
Hopewell Jct., New York

Love my shed. Got at

Love my shed. Got at least another $2000 in paint, shingles, insulation and wall board. Its a do it yourself, but if you have never built something before, you better hire or get some help. The loft is hard to get into and wont hold much storage weight. Oversll I am very happy. Best Barns and Home Depot were easy to work with and very friendly. You also have to pay extra for the windows even though it says it comes with them. Make sure you check that all out. Im still happy with it.

Thank you for your review and feedback. We have corrected the listing to reflect windows are purchased optionally.

Springfield 16x12 wood shed
Bill Davis

12 x 20 Tahoe

Everything I needed right there in the kit. Instructions were complete and in a practical order. I wanted different doors and John was incredibly helpful. Appreciate all the help and support.

If you know you want a lot of windows, go ahead and order them with the kit. The price is better than a box store.

12 x 20 Tahoe
Gary Bell

Skepticism Crushed

I must say that I was a bit skeptical about buying a ‘pre-fabbed’ shed, but after taking one look at this kit on the Shed Kit Store’s website I jumped at it. As a “one-man” project, this kit went together fast and easy (took me about two full work days to complete) and overall I’d give this kit a 9.0 out of 10. I wholeheartedly recommend the Shed Kit Store and their products without reservation. Go with them, you won’t be disappointed!

Midwest City, Oklahoma

Shed kit

Delivery was good! And building it was easier then I thought it would be. The only thing I disliked was the delivery from home Depot drop off wood that was so badly wrapped to a point we had to go buy more. Also they is al lot of cutting the wood that was delivered from home Depot.

Shed kit
Nickey wells

I found the kit system fun

Though I am not a professional, everything I have previously constructed/renovated was strictly custom. I found the kit system fun by taking the guesswork out of the project. Your assembly book was the key to the job, and was extremely valuable in getting the building started.

Aspen Shed Kit

After talking to your Customer

After talking to your Customer Service representative we decided to purchase your kit. They answered every question we had and provided all the documentation we needed to submit to our County for a permit. It took us an entire year from clearing trees, constructing the platform, and building it. Great quality wood and easy to read instructions. If I ever had to build another one I would use your company again.

Jefferson 16ft. Wide Garage Kit with 2nd Floor

John is absolutely amazing!

John is the most amazing customer service person I have ever dealt with. From the time we ordered our shed until it was delivered, John was on top of things every step of the way. When we had an issue, he had it taken care of immediately. The nicest man ever! Sorry John, since we are now on a first name basis, I don’t remember your last name. Hope fully you are the only awesome John at RBS Holdings, LLC Greenville, PA.

Thanks again,


North Dakota Shed
Elaine Woods

Great Customer Service

Had an issue with a couple of damaged pieces due to shipping. I spoke to John at Best Barns. He was terrific. All my questions were answered and issues resolved. They best part was I was able to speak to an actual person within seconds of calling EVERY TIME I CALLED!

I would highly recommend the product his company offers!

New Castle 16’ x 12’ shed

There’s a reason their name is Best Barns

Need I say more?

Thank you Lance for the kind testimonial. We are always glad to hear from satisfied Best Barns customers!

Shed kit

We absolutely love our two new sheds!

We love our two new sheds!
The Arlington became a beautiful Garden Cottage, and we finished off the inside with Shiplap on the walls, a textured ceiling, molding, and even a laminate wood floor! We even added a heat/AC unit so we can use it year round.
It’s decorated adorably, and is cozy, and a dream come true! I love to sit and read my garden books there, relax, and think about how blessed I am! 🤩😍
We built the Mansfield for my husband’s work shed, and we use it to store yard and garden tools, paint, and even our electric bikes! It’s also wired for lights, and has a nice industrial fan! It’s super cute, and a wonderful storage area for everything overflowing from our garage!

Arlington,(12x16), and Mansfield(12x12)
Bonnie Crawford

You’ll need some muscle

The shed turned out beautifully! I’m handy and my wife is an engineer so I thought we could handle the build ourselves. The most challenging part was creating a level spot on our property. Building the components on the ground was fairly straightforward. Luckily we have 2 muscular adult sons because raising the walls and hoisting the trusses into place was quite a production! Everything fit together well. In fact if it didn’t we knew we had done something wrong. Cuts were minimized and simple. We wished for a pneumatic nailer more than once so it was slow going and took us 4 weeks total to completely finish it. The instructions were clear for the most part but vague in a few places. We figured it out. Of course my wife had to get the “cute” add ons like windows and a cupola so a simpler shed with fewer decorative touches would’ve been easier. That said, we’re super happy with the finished result. Got 3 lawnmowers, a tractor, yard vac, power washer, spreader, weed whacker and all my yard tools out of the garage with room to spare in the lofts.

Woodville 10x12
Mark Lucanese

Your Arlington shed was the best choice

I purchased a 12 x 24 Arlington shed from you back in July. I recently finished the exterior of the shed and wanted to share a couple photos with you. Except for the cement slab and shingling the roof, I worked alone on shed construction. My wife and I wanted a shed that complemented our Cape Cod style home. Your Arlington shed was the best choice. The kit and materials were of good quality and the step-by-step instructions were clear, detailed and easy to follow. As a result, it was easy for me to make modifications to your plans when I desired design changes.

Arlington Shed Kit


So good to hear from you Richard. Yes THE SHED is just DARLING!!! I had the color custom made to match my home (and the little cat houses I have!!) The flower boxes were a wonderful addition and they’re happy with their red geraniums and blue lobelia. This shed replaced an old metal one and was done as an addition to a brand new patio. It is just the ticket for a “complete” look!

Many thanks to you and your company!!

Cambridge Shed Kit

‘The man hut’

I love my shed I call ‘The man hut.’ I carpeted, ran power and drywalled it. It’s like a home away from home. Thanks!

Cambridge Shed