Excellent Value

Mission accomplished – we purchased a shed kit from you guys July 21 — arrived about 9 days later. Between work, vacation, etc…. we just finished it.
I would give you guys a 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Suggestions to improve the product:
there was no step 3 in the instructions; – Webmasters note: ( corrected typo )
my kit had 4 boxes of 7D nails and one box of 10D — I think it should have been 2 each (I had to buy a box of 10D nails — $10.00 for 5 pounds) — when the shed was finished, I had one box of 7D left over — no big deal — always nice to have nails on hand.
add instructions for windows — mine had none — none in the window box as well; and
throw in two tubes of silicon to seal small cracks.
I have already had three neighbors request your website — I gave it to them gladly.
I am in law enforcement and we have four kids. We budgeted $3K for a shed — figured it would be fun experience for the family — and it was. I checked into Lowe’s and Home Depot — pricing for similar sheds were around $3800.00. With the kit, flooring, paint, etc… we spent right at $2850.00 — excellent value. The kit arrived within advised time period — the delivery man from Home Depot was skeptical — made us a bit nervous. Nevertheless, we were not dismayed. I am good at following directions — directions and pictures were excellent. I am not a carpenter and the shed was fairly easy to install with three people (myself, 18 year old son, and 10 year old son). End product looks excellent! Very satisfied customer.