You’ll need some muscle

The shed turned out beautifully! I’m handy and my wife is an engineer so I thought we could handle the build ourselves. The most challenging part was creating a level spot on our property. Building the components on the ground was fairly straightforward. Luckily we have 2 muscular adult sons because raising the walls and hoisting the trusses into place was quite a production! Everything fit together well. In fact if it didn’t we knew we had done something wrong. Cuts were minimized and simple. We wished for a pneumatic nailer more than once so it was slow going and took us 4 weeks total to completely finish it. The instructions were clear for the most part but vague in a few places. We figured it out. Of course my wife had to get the “cute” add ons like windows and a cupola so a simpler shed with fewer decorative touches would’ve been easier. That said, we’re super happy with the finished result. Got 3 lawnmowers, a tractor, yard vac, power washer, spreader, weed whacker and all my yard tools out of the garage with room to spare in the lofts.