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5 Advantages of Storage Shed Kits

If you are like most homeowners, you probably wish you had just a little more space in your house to store all of the “things” you have accumulated over the years.

Yard equipment, recreational equipment, children’s toys and seasonal items can seem to multiply with each turn of the calendar. Sheds can be an ideal way to instantly find space, but locating the right shed can be difficult. If you are looking for an outdoor structure but can’t find one to meet your precise needs, consider the advantages of storage shed kits.

Storage Shed Kits Are Cost Effective

If you’ve ever priced pre-built sheds, you’ve likely experienced sticker shock. If you’ve ever priced a custom-build shed through an architect or building firm, you’ve probably also experienced a bit of sticker shock. A shed can be a significant investment, and some people can become discouraged by high costs.

Storage shed kits bring together the best of both worlds at a more reasonable price point. Kits can be customized in several ways, depending upon the chosen materials and plans, allowing you to compliment your home with your outdoor building without incurring significantly high costs.

Instantly Add Storage or Workspace to Your Home

Homeowners accumulate objects quickly. When you bought your home, you may have had plenty of room to store outdoor equipment, vehicles and children’s toys, but in a blink of an eye that space can close in, especially as a family grows. Over the years you might have converted your garage to a workshop or your basement to a playroom, limiting your storage options even further. Shed kits are a great way to create usable space in the span of a long weekend, and free up some room so that you can fall in love with your house once again.

DIY Project With A Professional Finish

Even if you aren’t the world’s handiest homeowner, shed kits allow you to achieve a high-quality build with a professional finish. Kits come complete with all of the pieces needed to construct the building, and there is no need for heavy equipment or expensive tools. Depending on the model purchased some cutting is required such as cut to fit items, the directions are laid out simply and clearly, and customer service is only a phone call away.

Customizable Options Create a Personalized Storage Shed

Love the look a shed in the picture but wish the windows could be placed in a slightly different spot? Would you like the color and shingle style of your shed to match up to your home? When it comes to shed kits, there are ways to personalize the building to suit your taste. When shopping for a shed, be sure to ask about customizable options, as some kits are more versatile than others. Vinyl kits come in a variety of siding colors, however they cannot be painted. Some vinyl kits allow you to choose window placement, while others may not. Wood shed kits typically offer far more options in terms of customization, and they can be repainted at any time. Metal sheds are often the least customizable storage shed kit material.

Storage Sheds Aren’t Just For Storage

When you think “shed” you might instantly think of a building that houses yard equipment. However, storage sheds are actually far more versatile. Homeowners have used them for a number of functions like pool houses, playrooms for kids, workshops, art studios, barns and more. Storage shed uses are only limited to a homeowner’s imagination. If you need an extra room but don’t have the budget to build an addition, think outside the box.

If you are interested in learning more about the advantages of storage shed kits, we invite you to browse our website to view our storage shed kits online or contact The Shed Kit Store at 1-800-245-1577. Our team is ready to help you choose a shed kit that will meet your needs.

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