Wood Shed Kits vs. Vinyl Shed Kits

Outdoor storage sheds are a convenient way to add instant storage space to your home. However, if you’ve ever shopped for a shed, you know that your choices are almost endless.

It can be difficult to decide just which type of shed is right for you. Wood shed kits and vinyl shed kits are two of the most popular on the market thanks to their versatility and durability. Each material has its own unique strengths, and before you decide which type of kit to purchase, it helps to learn a little bit about the differences between the two.

The Versatility Factor

One of the benefits of wood shed kits are their versatility. They come in a much wider variety of sizes and styles than vinyl shed kits. This gives homeowners the opportunity to customize their wood shed kits and match their shed to their home in an almost endless number of ways. Additionally, they can be customized with the exact types of shelving and space that the homeowner needs to create a functional, attractive structure.

Vinyl shed kits are available in a variety of styles and colors, but customization and personalized touches are limited. Typically in vinyl kits, windows are set in a pre-determined positon, roof styles are pre-determined, and shelving options are limited.

The Assembly Factor

For homeowners that want fast assembly, vinyl shed kits are the way to go. They can be put together much more quickly than wood shed kits, and they are some of the bestselling kits in the market because they are so accessible to the average homeowner. The biggest advantage of a vinyl shed kit is that once the foundation is erected, absolutely no specialized construction knowledge is needed to assemble the structure. If you have the right tools and you are able to follow written directions, you can assemble a vinyl shed kit with the help of one or two friends or family members.

Wood shed kits are also simple to assemble, and the kits arrive at your dare with the parts needed to build the shed. However, if you’ve chosen to customize your structure you will need some advanced construction knowledge. Wood kits can take a bit longer to construct than vinyl.

The Durability Factor

When it comes to everyday wear and tear, vinyl shed kits stand up quite well to the occasional impact from a wind-blown object, ball or bicycle. They are coated with a UV treatment that keeps the vinyl looking fresh in direct sunlight. Vinyl shed kits are extremely durable and they hold up well over time in areas that experience all four seasons. However, vinyl sheds are not ideal for areas that receive high amounts of snowfall each and every winter.

Wood sheds, when properly painted and treated against invasion from pests have a longer life cycle than vinyl sheds. They hold up extremely well in areas that experience extreme shifts in weather or temperature, and they can sustain the natural wear and tear that occurs in a large family. Their foundations are strong and they provide a sturdier structure for a longer-lasting shed.

Wood Shed Kits vs. Vinyl Shed Kits: Which is Best for You?

Your personal priorities and construction experience will ultimately determine which type of shed kit is right for your home. It is important to know your goals ahead of time so that you can ultimately choose a shed that will provide you with the storage space and functionality that you need.

If you are interested in learning more about the differences between wood shed kits and vinyl shed, we invite you to browse our educational articles and check out our selection of shed kits online. You can also reach out to our team at 1-800-245-1577 to discuss your needs with an expert.

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